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It is often confusing for the homeowners as well as for the homebuilders to choose between drywall and plastering. Though drywall and plastering serve almost the same purpose, there are some basic features that have made these two processes different from each other. When our great grandparents had built their homes, plastering was the most commonly used option and drywall was considered to be a cheap alternative of plastering. But the scenario is quite different today. Drywall and plastering are used as substitutes for one another nowadays. With the advancement of the process, some beneficial technologies have also been invented. With so much popularity, you will not face any difficulties to find manpower, materials and experts while doing drywall and plastering.

Drywall Vs Plastering

You cannot choose both drywall and plastering for the same project. If you are remodeling your ancient house, plastering is the better choice over drywall. Here you can use drywall for some patchwork only. Plastered walls do not get scratched easily. But once it gets scratched, it needs some patchwork treatment. Moreover, plastering is the best option for longevity. It makes the wall strong and long-lasting, as the components of plaster are like concrete.

Drywall is often a strict no no for the builders due to its dust factor. Drywall process is a more cluttered one than plastering.

Plastering is a faster process. Drywall takes much more time to get finished. But this is an easier process to implement compared to plastering.

Unlike plastering, the drywall components are mixed easily and are often found in ready to use format and you can adopt a do-it-yourself process.

Drywall is easier to clean than plastering. Owing to this feature, drywall is a more popular choice in households.

With plastering, you can create better ornamentation on your walls.

Drywall is a more preferred choice when your wall requires repairing touch ups.

Drywall and plastering both are used for repairing the walls. The processes have some aesthetic values too. If not applied properly, they can damage the wall and also the beauty of your entire house. Drywall and plastering can protect the damage of the walls to a certain extent. But, before you apply these treatments, try to find out how much damage is done. If you think that the damage is deteriorating, it will be better to opt for some long-lasting solutions. In such cases, a few additional steps should be included with the drywall and plastering processes, because these two only take care of the outer side of the wall. You can utilize your creativity while doing drywall and plastering works. But, like all other construction jobs, here too you need to be careful enough. If everything is maintained properly, both drywall and plastering can add to the value and beauty of your house



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