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What is "Curb Appeal"? Curb appeal alone can increase the value of your home by a huge margin. The reason being it is the first part of the home that anybody sees, from visitors to potential clients. It involves everything that has to do with the exterior of your home and covers everything such as landscaping to the trim of the roof. In regards to curb appeal everything matters and only the best companies are able to make the difference that matters and do so by paying very close attention to detail.

Many general contractors consider themselves experts in exterior remodeling but not many are qualified to deal with every detail that you might require. That is why at General Contractors One we have specialists who concentrate on one duty such as brick work, landscaping, and design. When a client wants different aspects to their home or business, they sit down with our design team and make sure to increase that curb appeal as much as possible. The design team then works with every group of our exterior remodeling crews to make sure that every step from prep to finish is done on time and according to your original design.

Some things that people don't realize make a huge difference not only in design but curb appeal isn't necessarily the biggest of things. Little things such as lighting and exterior paint choice/brick color can make a huge difference. Lighting up a walkway to illuminate the path at night, maybe adding a tree in the yard, or even painting just the trim of your home could go a long way.

Before you sit down with one of our exterior design team members, try coming up with a list of things you want, might want, or absolutely don't want. This will allow us to better match the design to your style and also save on precious time. So call us today and set up an appointment with one of our exterior design members today! We are here any time you need help or have any question that might arise.


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