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Classifications of Roofing
Roofing is of various types: flat, vaulted, sloping, domed, and pitched. Among them, sloping roofs were the earliest. Initially sloping roofs were made of some plants, which are still used in some parts of rural Africa. The other type of roofing is flat roofing. However, most of the modern houses have flat roofs. Earlier flat roofing was used in arid climates because of low level of rainfall; because such roofing does not support the drainage of water from the roof.

Most of the houses in USA have flat roofs. Apart from these, there is one more type of roofing called solar roof. This roofing includes solar shingles generating electricity and at the same time acting as a protection for the house. Other kinds of roofing are lean roof, gable roof, hipped roof, gambrel roof, and mansard roof. All are the types of sloping roofs that have been classified according
to the number of slopes.

Parts of Roofing
Generally, there are four essential parts of roofing: support, outer layer, insulation and drainage. The roofing supporting structure is built upon strong walls made of hard materials like timber, iron, steel, etc. The next part is outer layer of the roof, which is based on the availability of materials in different regions.

Thatches, wooden shingles, slate, clay, straw, led, zinc, etc. are common materials for making the outer layer of a roof. The next stage in creating roofing involves insulation that is used to protect the house from heat, cold and rain. Materials like thatch and straw are inserted into roof cavities for the purpose of insulation. Drainage is the next essential part of roofing, which is important for keeping the roof water free.

Importance of Roofing
Quality roofing is very important for every house. Equal importance should be paid to the roofing as to the foundation of a house. A good roofing helps in lowering the level of unwanted sound that enter the house, such as the drumming sound of falling rain or hail, sound of airplanes, traffic, and other exterior noises. Roofing plays a vital role in protecting the house and its inhabitants in all kinds of weather. Water resistant and durable roofing helps to keep your house strong and beautiful.

Roof Repairs
Roof repairs are often made after the damage has been done; however, if you keep up on routine roof maintenance you can avoid unnecessary damage altogether. Our roofing section tells you what roofing styles and materials are popular, how to winterize and waterproof your roof, how to apply new shingles, how to make minor roof repairs, and when itís time to forgo the repairs yourself and call a professional roofer.


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