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Meaning of Tex-cote
Tex-cote is the new revolution in painting methodology used these days. Homemakers can provide a new and fresh look to their homes with the industry’s leading spray-on textured coating, saving themselves from constant maintenance headaches. Tex-cote is ideal for all home types, be it stucco, brick or wooden. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had put certain regulations on the use of paint in the 1970’s.

They prohibited the use of lead in paint since it emitted carcinogens. However, the removal of the specified ingredient led to the deterioration of the standards of all paint products by 75%. Hence the average home needs to be painted every 3-5 years. It was during this time that tex-cote came into existence and proved better than siding or paint. Tex-cote not only eliminated the need for painting the house after every 3 years but also proved beneficial to the homemakers in several ways.

Advantages of Tex-cote
Tex-cote not only beautifies your home but also enhances its natural look. With the use of tex-cote, existing damages are repaired and exposed areas such as windows and doors are masked. Being impervious to sun, rain, wind, and freeze-thaw weather conditions, they also act as a weather shield for your home. Extensive research and testing have shown tex-cote to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Tex-cote provides resistance to up to 98 mph wind driven rain. They have also been designed to prevent growth of fungus and mildew spores, thereby, dramatically reducing the damage costs. Tex-cote is approximately 12 times thicker than paint and is guaranteed to resist deterioration, thus, saving the constant repainting and maintenance costs. Tex-cote needs to be applied only once. However, homemakers may reapply it incase they want to change its color.

Procedure for applying Tex-cote
A certified or qualified installer with a lasting guarantee should apply tex-cote. There are basic guidelines that need to be followed. The first step requires the complete inspection of your home exterior, thereby revealing all kinds of surface deterioration that need to be fixed during the process. Trenching is important in restraining capillary action of ground moisture.

Before applying the textured cote, the entire house should be cleaned using powerful pressure cleaning action called pressure washing. This process helps in removing stains, dirt, loose paint, algae, and mildew, revealing the areas that are in need of patching. These surface imperfections are then prepared and patched using specially formulated Tex bond and Flex Patch.

The entire process results in creating a clean and uniform bonding surface for coating. The next step is masking. This step involves covering entire doors, windows, shrubs, lawn areas, and surfaces, thus preventing over-spraying. Finally, using high-pressure techniques primer is sprayed on the cleaned surface.

It then creates a thick, armor-like surface over the original exterior masonry or wooden surface. Tex-cote contains special Infra Red reflective pigments that last much longer than ordinary paint. Built-in toughness and flexibility provide tex-cote textured painting durability and retain the new look for several years. Tex-cote textured painting provide homemakers a lifetime of worry-free home ownership. If you are considering painting tex-cote is your answer and is always worth the huge investment.



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